A Great Vacation With Jersey Shore Summer Rentals

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Real Estate

When the market was really bad a couple of years ago, people started investing in “stay-cations”, which meant they spent more time at home instead of taking a big road trip somewhere that incurred many costs. As the market is taking a turn for the better, people are vacationing a little further from home but still trying to save on expenses. One way to save on a trip is to look into Jersey Shore summer rentals as opposed to a resort or hotel destination.

The first thing to consider when planning a vacation where you are looking to rent a home as opposed to a hotel, is to find a popular destination. Considering Jersey Shore homes as an example, there is enough popular interest that it will keep the prices comparatively inexpensive. A hotel room in the summer would typically be a median price of $300 to $500 a night while a home may be available for the week at that price.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with individuals owners of a property is that you do not send any money until you have a contract in place. Read the fine print and ask for references. Most rental homes that have a high turnover rate will be managed by a real estate company to handle the legalities of the contract. Again, even if you are dealing with the owner directly, the legal paperwork and contract should still be the first step in securing the rental.

When looking over the contract, have it spelled out what amenities will be available. Typically all expenses for utilities are rolled up into the overall cost of the rental. There are some disclaimers however, that could limit the bill to only a couple of hundred dollars. If you know from your own utility usage that you will go over this amount, negotiate before you sign.

Jersey Shore summer rentals are a great way to enjoy a summer vacation at a reasonable expense. You will have the comfort of your own kitchen and laundry facilities to save you hundreds over the cost of your trip. You get the best of both worlds of getting away from home but still have all the luxuries of home.

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