A Memory Foam Mattress Can Help Alleviate Morning Pain

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Home And Garden

A memory foam mattress will help you to be more comfortable while you sleep and provide you with better spinal alignment. One of the reasons this type of mattress will help reduce your pain is because of the way it works with your pressure points and spinal alignment. This will help you to wake up with less pain and stiffness in your joints so you can get through your day better and sleep more soundly at night.

When you lay on a regular mattress with springs in it, the springs only offer support in certain areas. There are other areas that are left open with little to no support. These springs often sit on pressure points on your body. These pressure points then carry a majority of your body weight while you sleep. This is what can cause you to wake up with sore spots and sore or stiff joints.

Another issue with traditional mattresses is your spinal alignment. Because the support of a traditional mattress is so different, your spine will bend through the night. This is why you wake up with a sore back. However, when you have a memory foam mattress, it will conform to your body so your spine will be in perfect alignment, no matter which way you sleep. This means you won’t have as much back pain if you sleep on this type of mattress over the typical mattresses of the past.

As you lay on the mattress, you will gradually experience greater comfort as your body warms the memory foam. As the memory foam warms, it will become softer, allowing it to conform to your body so you can sleep comfortably. However, this means it can take a little while for the bed to become more comfortable, especially when the temperature in your room is a little colder. While this can be an inconvenience to some, after you get comfortable, you will be appreciative that the mattress conforms to your body.

Before you get a memory foam mattress, it is important to know how it can help your spinal alignment and pressure points so you can sleep comfortably. Unlike the older mattresses that have springs inside, you will get full support all over your body to better disperse your body weight so you get less joint pain. Your spine will also be in better alignment, which will create less back pain for you. All you need to do is lie down and wait for the mattress to warm up a little, then drift off to sleep.

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