Advantages of Private Schools over Public Schools

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Career and Education

When children get into the school age, parents are often faced with the choice between taking them to a public school or a private school. This is one of the major decisions that the parents have to make early during the child’s life. The decision is important and should therefore be made when all the pros and cons have been considered for both options.

Private schools in Gaithersburg will prove a wise decision when such a time presents itself. This will be due to a number of reasons, some of which are:

1. Most private schools offer the child courses that are developed and designed to suit the interests and passions of its students individually. This is the opposite of the situation in public schools whereby all students are made to go through the same curriculum irrespective of their hobbies and interests.

2. There are smaller class sizes in private schools as compared to public schools. The teacher to student ratio is much lower, encouraging personalized care. This will be advantageous to those children who may thrive better when they have personalized care given to them as compared to those who do not have such attention.

3. Public schools only have public funds to finance their programs. This is not so for private schools as they do not rely on such funds for any development plans. This is a good thing because they are able to have flexible and unrestricted growth in curriculum and the learning environment.

4. Private schools in Gaithersburg have been known to be able to adapt faster and better to changes in their learning environments as compared to public schools. This indicates that any students with special needs can get alternative teaching methods to suit them.

5. Most private schools only recruit the best qualified teachers to instruct the students. These teachers are also given targets and performance contracts that they have to achieve. This makes sure that the students get only the best and most valuable pieces of advice and instructions.

6. Many of the private schools require students seeking admission to take an entrance examination. Those who do not excel in these are not accepted. While this is a debatable practice, it ensures that only the intelligent children are allowed to study in those schools. This ensures that bullying, negative peer pressure and other ills are less prevalent in the private schools.

7. The education standards are also stricter in private schools compared to the case in public schools.

Having taken into account the above, the cost of education in private schools which is usually greater than that of public schools, will be a lesser worry to the parent as the quality of education provided is worth the price. However, not all private schools charge hefty fees. There are those that charge lower fees while still upholding the education standards.

The choice of taking a child to Private schools Gaithersburg or public schools is one that should be made after comprehensive considerations have been made. Visit to help you decide.

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