Aluminum Framing Systems In Avalon, NJ Will Provide Your Building With The Style It Needs

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Whether you’re building or managing an industrial or commercial structure, Aluminum Framing Systems in Avalon NJ offers a variety of options for single doors to large-scale projects that have a variety of requirements. Aluminum has many features such as its being light, strong, non-corrosive, non-sparking, non-combustible, recyclable, reflective, resilient, and so much more.

Another outstanding feature of aluminum is that it is seamless. Framing systems can involve complex shapes, and aluminum can be made in one piece. This helps it to be strong and limit water leaks or loosening over time.


When building materials have served their usefulness, aluminum can be recycled, which makes it environmentally friendly. It won’t need to be put into a landfill and can be used again.

Accepts Finishes

Some building developers or property managers like to keep the look of the aluminum finish. When they want to change the color, aluminum can be painted, powder coated, anodized, or electroplated. This provides an owner with a variety of options for a finish to their project.

Nonmagnetic And Resilient

Aluminum does not have a magnetic charge and is very useful for preventing any problems with magnetic devices or electronics. Its strength and flexibility allow it to spring back from the shock of an impact. This protects a building.

What Can Aluminum Framing Systems Be Used For?

Aluminum Framing Systems in Avalon NJ can be installed on entrances, including storefronts, fiberglass-reinforced polyester doors, sliding, swing or folding automatic doors, frameless glass doors, and stack or folding door wall systems.

Shower Doors

Shower doors can be designed with a personal touch when Aluminum Framing Systems in Avalon NJ is used. These types of framing systems can be specifically measured for an area and can be framed or semi-framed. The frames can enclose a shower, tub, or a combination of both.

South Jersey Glass & Door can perform installation, repair, and wholesale sales of aluminum and glass products. A customer can find a single sheet of glass or enough aluminum to build a storefront. They provide architectural aluminum and framing systems for doors and windows.

If you are interested in glass or door installation, contact them. They will help you find exactly what you need.

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