Been in a Collision? Take Your Car to a Body Shop Chicago

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Automotive

Do you live in or around the metropolitan area of Chicago in the state of Illinois and own a car? Have you ever sustained damage to your car as a result of being in a collision? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then you may want to take your car to a body shop Chicago. Keep the following things in mind when checking out a body shop Chicago.

An Array of Service
If you’ve ever been in or even seen a collision, you know that there are many kinds of damage which a car can experience in a collision. The damage can be great or small, so collision repairs must be able to accommodate whichever services you may find yourself in need of, whether it’s a full system or skeleton overhaul, or just a minor paint touch-up. Here are some of the collision repair services you should inquire about.
1. Welding and Quarter Panels
2. Door Skins
3. Plastic and Rust Repair
4. Frame and Unibody Specialists
5. Accurate Frame and Unibody Measurement and Repair

From Bumpers to Paint
Your car’s bumpers and its paint are two aspects which are often overlooked, but both are essential to your car aesthetically and functionally. A car’s bumper provides the overall frame with essential bottom support and holds your license plate, which gives your car identifying information that is vital in governmental records. Similarly, the paint that coats your car gives your vehicle more than just color, looks, and personality. A coat of paint provides added protection to the metal body of your car against the erosive and corrosive weather elements, such as rain and snow.

Get a Lifetime Warranty
You never know when a collision might happen, so when looking at a body shop in your area, ask the body shop technicians if they provide customers with a lifetime warranty. You will have a greater peace of mind knowing that your car and its possible repairs are covered throughout your lifetime.

Make an Insurance Claim
According to the Chicago, Illinois Motorists Bill of Rights, you have the right to choose which body shop Chicago to take your car to. However, be sure to let your insurance company know prior to your visit what repairs you will be seeking and which body shop you will be seeking them from.

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