Best Burgers in Chicago at Lemont Bar And Grill

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Sports

If you love burgers cooked to perfect paired with a fine selection of beer, then the Lemont Bar and Grill is the right Chicago burger joint to go to. With 13-ounce burgers served fresh at Lemont Bar and Grill, you can get all the fixings on a fluffy bun with fries on the side.

Why People Love Lemont Bar and Grill

For one, the food has been receiving rave reviews since March 2009, when it first opened. Even if known for their burgers, the place has a pretty spectacular atmosphere with daily drink and game-day specials. The outdoor seating areas also dog-friendly.

What’s on the Menu

Burgers are, of course, the main course, but you can also find corned beef, hand-cut friends, caesar salads, jumbo chicken wings, shrimp basket, smoked turkey sandwiches, and Maxwell street Polish sausage, as well as pizza. There’s also a kids menu with some chicken strips and grilled cheese selections.

Who Owns the Joint

Frank Vrochota opened the place in Chicago in the 1980s. However, the latest location was opened later in 2009. The old-style Lemont building comprised of limestone and brick is also a wonder to behold. With outdoor seating and gargoyles sitting atop the ledges, it’s a cozy place with a historic atmosphere. Inside the restaurant, the windows and high ceilings make for a spacious, light-heated atmosphere that just lets you kick back and have fun.

The dining area is also available for party rental. The large stone and brick fireplace is a main centerpiece to the place, giving it that neighborhood feel that you just crave when you want to have a burger with a couple of friends and share a brew.

Want to eat like a king? Stop by Lemont Bar & Grill, and the Carriage Greens Country Club. You can visit their website at

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