Experience the Benefit of the Identity Management with the CloudAccess Program

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Computer And Software

Cloud computing has taken the technology realm by storm in recent years. Cloud computing is a computing service, not a product, where information, software, data access and storage services are shared and stored over a network. Cloud computing should not be confused with a hosting services, it is a far more comprehensive process. Cloud computing can be differentiated from hosting services and users can use as much or as little as they need to. Furthermore clouds can either be public or private and the pay as you go method is very useful for many individuals. A popular source for cloud computing is CloudAccess.

CloudAccess is designed to help families and organizations of all sizes. The CloudAccess program has a number of features for users, including the popular identity management feature. One of the biggest benefits of using CloudAccess and its identity management solution is that it an affordable feature that saves many companies a lot of money. The identity management feature includes self service features, password management and password synchronization features. This means that companies don’t have to use an outside identity management program to manage login names and passwords and to give certain individuals specific access to different components on their cloud computing system. WIth identity management, both customers and employees can easily log in to their cloud and see different features depending on their individual settings.

The identity management feature provided by CloudAccess has greatly changed the accessibility and security involved with cloud computing. The best part of CloudAccess’s identity management is that it is truly designed for the cloud, which means that it seamlessly works with cloud computing, guaranteeing results for all types of users. The identity management program manages different accounts with one cloud system and keeps everything organized for users. This includes adding accounts, updating accounts and removing accounts in both private and public clouds. This feature not only makes things easier but identity management also lowers costs for many companies. This identity management service also eliminates the voids between identity management and the CloudAcess program. With the identity management program with CloudAccess, the cloud computing program becomes even easier and more manageable than it was before.

Identity Management is essential for any organization, whether large or small, that wants to use a cloud computing system that multiple people will log in to. Whether there are three employees using the system, or 300 different employees and customers, identity management will ensure that everyone can log in and access different parts of their cloud, and that all of the passwords and user names for the program stay organized. With identity management on CloudAccess, users can even have multiple identities with different phone numbers, usernames, and email accounts. The possibilities with identity management are truly endless.


Cloud identity management is truly designed for the cloud, which means that it seamlessly works with cloud computing, guaranteeing results for all types of users.

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