Finding Causes Of Wet Basements

by | Oct 13, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Wet basements can cause many major problems for whatever building they are in. Not only do wet or damp basement walls create perfect growing conditions for mold and other wall contaminants, they also affect the quality of the air in basements and can affect the health of all who use a building. In addition, if left unnoticed or if they are not taken care of soon enough, wet basement walls can weaken major structures and make any use of buildings unsafe. Often, those who have wet basements are unsure of the cause or origin of the wetness or leaks, and that can aggravate the problem or elongate the time it takes to fix it. Luckily, those with a wet basement in Cambridge, MA will not need to look for the origins of wet basements themselves. There are many services available concerning waterproofing and repair, and determining the cause of a wet basement in Cambridge, MA is definitely one of them. In order to take the quickest action against the damage done by wet basement walls and floors, those who provide waterproofing services utilize different techniques for diagnosis and fixing problems.

For example, a wet basement in Cambridge, MA can be in larger buildings. Those of industrial size will likely not have a clear point of origin for water leakage or damage, especially if there are several units or pieces of machinery that block portions of walls, corners, or other portions of a basement. As a result, a wet basement may seem unfixable at first. However, by taking a close look at the ground outside a building to see if there is any type of pooling, as well as examining a drainage system for the basement, waterproofing professionals are able to quickly determine the cause of a wet basement in Cambridge, MA, assess what needs to be done, and take action. They will also be familiar with the type of systems and drainage that is common to different types of buildings and so be able to determine more fully what might be the problem. Once this has been identified, they utilize this knowledge and get to work as soon as a business gives them the go-ahead. The same is true for those living in residential buildings as well.

By utilizing the knowledge and expertise of these professionals, the major problems caused by improper drainage, leaks, cracks, or pooling can be easily avoided. It is also far more affordable to get a diagnosis and take action early than to attempt to repair damage later on.


Wet Basement Cambridge MA – For those looking for why they have a wet basement in Cambridge, MA, there are sources of help. Utilizing them is the best way to get rid of a wet basement in Cambridge, MA.

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