Four Points of Methadone Detox

by | Aug 9, 2012 | Health Care

Methadone detox can be expedited depending on the drug rehab center you choose. Outpatient programs are not as effective as inpatient care programs, which are often covered by your insurance. They are also able to assist you in using medical prescriptions to aid in detox and withdrawal. The following four things require consideration before enrolling in any program:

Does the Facility Have a Whole-Health Focus?

Holistic health care is not code for “hippie medicine.” It’s simply a whole-life approach to getting well. This is especially important when dealing with something like methadone detox. While chemicals wean from your system, you learn new skills for dealing with the problems that lead to your dependency. This includes the best in Western medicine, as well as proven alternative treatments for alleviating symptoms. Acupuncture, for instance, is highly recommended for managing physical detox and withdrawal discomfort.

Does the Facility Provide Individual Plans for Care?

Too many patients go with a one-size-fits-all rehab center for the sake of saving on costs, never realizing their insurance would have picked up the extra cost of a quality program. It’s important that any methadone detox treatment you receive is accompanied by ways for preventing future problems. Your reasons for becoming dependent are different than other patients’ reasons so a cookie-cutter approach may leave you without the resources to stay clean in the long-run.

Are the Care Providers Honest?

Anyone who touts their program as an easy or pain-free method for dealing with detox and withdrawal is not being honest. Despite the advancements that have been made in dealing with symptoms, there is some remaining discomfort. This differs significantly by program. If you feel the drug counselors at a program aren’t being honest with you, or perhaps are too optimistic, it’s helpful to speak with a former patient.

Will the Facility Offer Long-term Support?

Even rehab centers located out-of-state can be helpful in locating local resources for when you return home. Your care should include outpatient services to help you continue to fight your addictions. These may include a formal outpatient program with regular medical assistance, a variety of therapy services and support group resources.

Methadone detox does not go the same way for every person. Dealing with a center that recognizes patients as individuals with a need for accurate information, increased life skills and long-term support will ensure the cost and effort you invest in your recovery is put to the best use. Congratulations on taking the first steps toward a clean and sober life.

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