Four Popular Styles Of Mens Gold Chains

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Jewelry

While many men today still scorn wearing any type of necklace, this has not always been the case. Earlier cultures in Egypt and North America proudly wore some form of necklace. These symbolized everything from their position in their culture to power and fertility. However, many men are rediscovering a love of jewelry and wearing chains. In fact, mens gold chains are increasingly becoming popular.

Mens Gold Chains: Popular Styles

Gold chains are not for everyone – male or female. For men, in particular, some gold link chains may seem too feminine or inappropriate. Fortunately, chains are available in a vast array of styles and types. The most popular ones are:

1. Box: This is an elegant style consisting of square (box) links of gold connected to each other. Of all the available chains, this is among the most masculine.
2. Cuban: The Cuban link chain style – including the very popular Miami Cuban link chain, is extremely popular among men. This style consists of substantial, round links fashioned together to produce a heavy necklace. Yellow or white gold links receive a high polish finish, making these mens gold chains stand out. Hip-hop artists often sport this type of chain. It is very versatile, adaptable for both casual and formal wear.
3. Rolo: For those who opt for unpretentious, this is the ideal style. The rolo chain is a stand-alone necklace. It is also one to which the wearer can attach a pendant with equal satisfaction.
4. Snake: This is by far the least expensive and commonly available chains on the market. It is common for men to sport this style of chain. Comparable to a tube, this double chain of smooth, round metal plates resembles a snakeskin. It is durable and tough, being perfect for those who are hard on their jewelry.

Mens gold chains make excellent gifts. Exercise care when choosing. Always consider the weight, the material, and the use.

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