Get a Capel Area Rug for a New Home This New Year

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Rugs

Adding a Capel area rug can instantly renew your interior space and give you a break from the ordinary. Capel, America’s leading rug maker offers you the most stunning collection of rugs crafted to perfection by skilled artisans and designed to suit every taste. There is an endless list of the various different styles, textures, colors and patterns for you to choose from. Also, you can have your rug customized to your favorite size and shape. From round and oval to rectangular runner types, there is a Capel area rug for you no matter what your specification.

Capel Area Rug – A Multitude of Styles to Choose From

From classic to contemporary, elegant to casual, you have a Capel area rug for every mood. Whether you are looking for a rich, elegant and classy rug to add grandeur to your living room or a chic, casual one to brighten up the dining area, Capel area rugs offer you a variety of designs, patterns and materials to choose from. Floral designs give your house a more contemporary, modern look while traditional hand knotted rugs and truly American braided rugs bring in a touch of tradition to your home. You can choose from the austere, somber color shades like brown and beige or go wild with peacock blue and sea greens, there is simply no end to the options you have when buying a Capel area rug.

Functionality with a Capel Area Rug

A Capel area rug can be bought in a variety of materials and fabrics. You can chose from the many natural or synthetic variants. No matter what you choose, these rugs feel so soft under your feet that you go barefoot everytime you are at home. You pets would just love to snuggle up and take a quiet nap on these rugs. These rugs also keep your room a notch warmer insulating you from the cold stone flooring underneath. Hence, a Capel area rug isn’t just something that looks good in your home, it is in fact a very functional entity that does little things to keep you happy every day.

You can even have your Capel area rug personalized. You can have one custom made to suit your preferences in terms of size, shape, material and weave. The result, a truly personal possession that you can love and cherish and pass on to you generations as a mark of your family’s heirloom.

The one thing you need to be careful about is buying your Capel area rug from a trusted source. Capel has hundreds of stores nationwide and also has an extensive online retail presence, you can get some great deals and bargains on Capel area rug if you choose to buy from the right website.

Bring home a piece of tradition and elegance with a Capel area rug. Visit for the widest collection and genuine customer service.

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