How Do You Solve The Problem Of Water Damage In Pasadena?

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Business And Finance

It makes little difference how you get water damage in Pasadena, what is important is how to clean it up. Water damage can come from a really hard rain storm, a broken water pipe in your house or just because you went out and left the water running in the sink. Whatever the cause, let’s get down to the solutions.
There are two approaches to take. You can do the clean-up yourself or you can contact a professional service to do it for you. The choice is yours but probably will have a lot to do with the extent of the spill and its potential damage.

Let’s first organize the tools and materials that you most likely will need.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Electric Fans
Clean water
Mild detergent

Before you start with the cleanup of water damage in Pasadena, attempt to locate the source. If your basement is knee deep in water and you just went through a teaming rain storm or you came home to find you had left a faucet on, it won’t be hard to figure the source. If it is not, then there is a good chance you have a broken pipe somewhere.

Now that you have identified the source of the water, and before you start with your water damage Pasadena cleanup, assess the extent of the damage. If it’s just basic cleanup, that’s one thing, if the damage has crept into the walls and floorboards then calling a professional is probably advisable.

If you feel that the damage is something you can handle; then let’s get to work. First, open the windows and get fresh air circulating around the house. Get fans started, they will help to dry things out and to help rid the house of the odors that will come a little later. Get your dehumidifiers working as fast as possible. As the dehumidifier actually removes moisture from the air, make sure you keep an eye on the tank and empty it as often as necessary.

Now that you have air circulating and moisture being removed, gather up any papers or photos that may have been soaked and either make instant photocopies and throw them or just throw them out if they are not important. If any other valuables have been damaged, freeze them and then later consult with an expert who can aid with water damage Pasadena restoration.

Now it’s time to get the wet/dry vac and suck up as much water as possible. Once you have the flood water removed, scrub the wet surfaces with clean water and detergent.

If you have dry wall damage, and the material has not swollen, then you may be able to salvage it by blowing a fan on it. If you do manage to salvage it, it will need cleaning of water damage Pasadena before a new prime coat of paint is applied.

If you want to avoid all this, then call in the professionals in Pasadena. Your water damage can be cleaned quickly by a SERVPRO® of Pasadena North crew.

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