Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Business And Finance

Frozen yogurt has taken over ice cream. What is so appealing about frozen yogurt that makes people love it? Besides the health benefits, the manufacturers are adopting eco-friendly methods of production and serving. Most people have made the switch since reputed fro-yo companies are keen to reduce pollution in the environment. People want to change the way they live, and they try their best, in order to protect mother Earth.

Apart from giving people unique flavors to relish reputed fro-yo companies are also taking a step towards changing the world. They utilize cornstarch spoons, as well as biodegradable cups, and as far as possible use recyclable production materials. Moreover, good companies also take the initiative to plant at least sixteen trees every day. This is a good reason for people to select yogurt over ice cream. Both these dessert options are tasty with the former coming up with a wide range of exciting flavors to choose from.

People have realized the importance of going green. They look up to a company that takes an initiative to support an environmental cause. There are several fro-yo companies that are very conscious about their environmental responsibilities. This is why a number of people are attracted to them. In addition to this environmental cause, fro-yo companies allow customers to bring out their creative side.

There are so many flavors available that individuals are spoiled for choice. Moreover, customers also get a chance to select toppings of their choice. People who are extremely health conscious can also enjoy frozen yogurt since they are low in calories. One ice cream a day can increase calorie intake while frozen yogurt can control your calorie level to a great extent. Thus, it is quite appealing to health conscious consumers.

Today, most people are very conscious about their diet and health. In fact, it is marvelous to see people taking care of themselves and the environment. A research conducted by The US Food and Drug Administration shows that ice cream contains up to 10% of milk fat. However, premium ice creams can contain more than 10% of milk fat. When compared to ice cream, frozen yogurt contains up to 4% fat. Frozen yogurt is also rich in carbohydrates, which comes from the lactose in milk. This makes frozen yogurt a better choice that ice cream. New York residents have unanimously chosen this cold treat as most fro-yo companies allow customers to enjoy frozen yogurt in their flavor of choice.

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