Let Dental Implants Save Your Smile

by | May 8, 2013 | Dentist

If you’ve ever had tooth pains, then you know how excruciating they can be. Sharp, throbbing pain in your jawline that feels like it’s going to straight to your brain, especially when you eat. No matter what temperature your food or drink is, whether hot or cold, your tooth shoots searing pain through your nerve at the slightest touch. This is common for anyone who has bad teeth with infected or exposed nerves, regardless of how your teeth became the way they are. Whether you have broken teeth that have exposed nerves, or just weak teeth due to family health issues, you’ve most likely felt these symptoms before.

Most people resort to getting their teeth pulled, and that’s fine for the meantime. But what happens when the rest of your teeth start experiencing the same problems? Do you plan on pulling each tooth, one after another? Then what happens when you’ve run out of teeth to pull? Dentures are a common solution, for those who have their teeth entirely pulled. And for those who only have a few pulled, there’s always bridge work which is basically miniature dentures. But both of these never feel natural, and have a lot of maintenance to keep up with.

The best solution in these cases, is dental implants. dental implants Louisville can provide you with a more natural feeling replacement for your teeth, that look and feel like real teeth even though they’re completely artificial. Dental implants are small anchors placed in your jaw bone, with a tooth made out of porcelain or other materials which is attached to that anchor. They’re better for your jaw bone than dentures, because dentures wear down your jaw bone when worn over long periods of time. Dental implant anchors act as your original roots did, exciting the bone each time your tooth is pressured when chewing, causing fresh bone growth so your jaw bone never wears down. dental implants in Louisville are also a lot easier to maintain, as you can just brush them as you always have.

Don’t let tooth pains plague you any longer. No matter what the reason for your tooth problems, there is a solution out there for you. Even if you require your teeth pulled, you can still have a beautiful smile that isn’t fake.

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