Managing a Dog Attack Case With Injury Lawyers In Oahu

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In Hawaii, dog attacks occur due to the failure of a dog owner to secure their animal and keep them away from neighbors, visitors, and service providers. At any time that their dog bites or attacks a human, the owner is liable for the full medical costs incurred by the victim. Injury Lawyers in Oahu help victims who are injured during a dog attack.

Locating the Dog and Investigating the Attack

The victim of a dog attack must report the attack to the county animal control officer. The officer locates the dog whenever possible and notifies the owner about the attack. All dog owners must comply with local laws such as leash laws and vaccination regulations. The animal control officer gathers information about the animal and takes action after their assessment is complete.

Did the Victim Break the Law?

Any victim of a dog attack that broke the law won’t receive a monetary award. The laws offer a comparative fault ruling that is applied whenever a victim’s unlawful actions lead to a personal injury. If the victim trespassed, invaded a home, or provoked the animal, the law prevents them from collecting compensation from the dog owner.

Is a Quarantine Necessary?

A quarantine period is needed only if the dog wasn’t vaccinated for the rabies virus. If the animal control officer determines that the dog wasn’t vaccinated, the owner is ordered to surrender their dog to a licensed vet for a full quarantine. The dog remains in the vet’s care for a period of twelve days. The animal owner must pay the full cost of the quarantine and the cost of vaccinations. If the dog is cleared by the vet, he or she is returned to their owner.

How are Awards Managed?

The victim receives monetary awards if they win their lawsuit. However, if the dog was involved in previous attacks, the owner is held at a strict liability. The owner is ordered to pay the victim additional funds for pain and suffering.

In Hawaii, dog attacks lead to serious risks for anyone involved. The temperament of the animal and the potential for rabies increase these risks. Victims who sustained injuries in an attack contact Injury Lawyers in Oahu by visiting right now.

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