Options for Outpatient Drug Treatment

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Health Care

Not everyone has the ability to attend a residential drug treatment facility. This doesn’t mean you have to go without resources, though. Quality programs have been established for people who are trying to manage these issues on their own. Effective outpatient drug treatment options exist that work with any patient in any social setting. Keep a lookout for these features when evaluating drug recovery plans.

Effective Prescription Programs

Medications have been discovered that effectively control the abuse of addictive substances. They are used in a variety of ways, from controlling urges to minimizing highs and creating natural aversions in the body due to intense reactions. Being on a regular maintenance schedule can help keep your demons at bay and ease your body through detox and withdrawals.

Skill Building Activities

Many people get addicted to substances because of poor coping skills. A big part of any successful outpatient drug treatment plan is building the skills needed to deal with life stress. These are created through psychological treatment like talk therapy but also behavior and cognitive therapy plans, life and financial skill courses and group therapy, such as sessions intended for families.

Full Medical Evaluation and Healthcare Maintenance

Others get addicted to drugs in an attempt to deal with other health problems. While many drug addicts wind up diagnosed with a mental illness by the time they get clean, others have obvious physical problems that have been masked by the use of drugs. Once these issues are identified and successfully treated, it is much easier for these people to stay away from addictive substances.

Social Framework

Safeguarding yourself against relapses may mean building a new social framework independent from former influences. Making new friends who share your newfound values of responsible, mindful living and independence from alcohol and drugs is an intense motivator in staying clean. This shouldn’t depend on surrounding yourself with former addicts but people who have never had drug problems and have no reason to know of your past problems, let alone periodically discuss them. Breaking away from your problems can be an important step in moving on to cleaner, healthier habits.

Inpatient and residential drug programs can help you ditch substance abuse faster than relying on outpatient drug treatment, but that doesn’t mean things are hopeless if you can’t take part. Quality care plans take into account the realties so many addicts deal with and work twice as hard to provide the skills, support and medical care needed to help you lead a happier life.

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