Preparing and Handling Window Replacement Work

by | Jan 7, 2013 | Home Improvement


As a homeowner, you will probably go through the process of window replacement several times. Replacing all windows at once can be expensive. Then there is the inconvenience caused by installers. When they are on site, you will have the entire house turned upside-down. It is always a good idea to be psychologically prepared for the process. You should also prepare other members of your family. This way, when the replacement crew turns up they will have a smooth flow of work. Preparations can also cut down the number of hours the entire task was supposed to take. The following are some of the things you should do to give the Denver window replacement team an easy task:

* Before they arrive, you should make several phone calls to the window replacement contractors’ firm. Confirm that the work is still on schedule. Get the exact details of the day and time when they will visit your home. Move any furniture or other obstacles that might hinder or stand in the way of the person doing the replacement.

* Post some notes on the walls near the windows you have earmarked for replacement. That way even if you are not around, the repairmen will have something to guide them. Indicate any other specific instructions that you would like them to follow.

* When the task of removals and window replacement commences, you need to be there in order to confirm that all is in order. For instance, you can confirm that all the materials you had ordered for have been brought. Check whether the windows are of the right size and specification. However, let the crew do their job. Do not hover around or try to get bossy.

* Remember, they have a supervisor whom they report to and take instructions from. If you are dissatisfied with a particular member of the Denver window replacement team, notify the supervisor at once. You only need to be within earshot just in case someone needs a clarification.

* By the second day, most of the work should be complete. Do a random check to ensure that no broken pieces of glass are left strewn all over. Before signing the work contract, you need to have checked that there was a clause on disposal. The work cannot be declared complete without the replacement crew cleaning up their areas of work.

* Where you had indicated that you wanted the old windows be removed intact, you should confirm that all of them are there. The team should clear the area of all tools and sweep the rooms clean. Do a final run with the supervisor and countercheck that everything has been completed before signing on the job card. Note any breakages or damage as you stand to be refunded or compensated.

Window replacement – should take a day or two, three days at most depending on the size of the house. Hire professional teams for the task. For more details visit our website.

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