Reasons for needing a medical malpractice attorney

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Legal Services

When there is a perceived injury while an individual is under medical care, it may be very wise to consult with an attorney who is skilled in pursuing cases of medical malpractice in Iowa City, IA. Even though you may have signed all the statutory forms before the procedure and it was explained to you that there are risks associated with every operation, do not think that you cannot file a case.

When you enter a care center; a hospital or medical clinic, you do so with specific expectations. In the event these expectations are not met, and you come out of the treatment with an injury of some sort, it is not wrong to consider that there was negligence on the part of the doctor, the nurses or other staff or the hospital itself. If you are not happy with the outcome and you believe the poor results were caused by negligence then you have every right to sue for medical malpractice in Iowa City, IA.

It does not have to be complicated:
Things can go wrong with even the most minor of medical procedures. There are standards that must be followed for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care, if these procedures are not followed, there is the potential of an injury caused by incompetence or negligence. If the diagnosis was wrong, there could be a major problem, perhaps the procedure will not be done timely thus allowing your illness to progress, making things even worse.

Things that you should do:
If you feel that you have been maltreated you should make copious notes of everything that has transpired. Every small detail will be important to a lawyer in the event there is a case and it goes to court. Attempt to recall every doctors visit you had prior to the procedure, write down any instructions that you were given as well as list any medications you were instructed to take. While doing this, you may want to enlist the help of a family member that has been with you during the procedure, anything that can be recalled can be invaluable to an attorney.

The lawyer:
In law, there are areas where lawyers tend to specialize, lawyers who are deeply involved in medical malpractice in Iowa City, IA have specific knowledge that other lawyers who focus on criminal law, family law, etc., may not have. They not only have knowledge of the medical industry, they are well connected to medical practitioners who can assist as an expert witness. Once you have spoken to a lawyer that you are comfortable with, he will take the information that you have gathered and he will begin to augment it with detailed depositions and other evidentiary material to support a case.

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