Rental Management Tips for Beautifying Your Home

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Real Estate

If you are a property owner, you most likely understand the importance of beautifying a home before renting it out.  Visually appealing rental units not only attract more tenants but also allow for bigger profits to be made by increasing the rent.  All rental properties require major investments that require both time and money.  Many rental management Fairfield companies recommend making these changes for more lucrative investments.

Install New Light Fixtures
Installing modern light fixtures throughout the rental unit can bring an up-to-date feel to the home.  This is especially true in rooms that get high traffic, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Sleek, contemporary cabinet handles and faucets are also affordable upgrades that can make a dramatic difference.

Paint in Neutral Colors
Since you never know what style your renters will be into, it is always best to stick with light, neutral colors when painting interior walls.  New paint can also make any room feel warm and welcoming and eliminates any wear and tear from previous clients.

Upgrade the Flooring
Flooring can become drab and damaged over time.  While flooring upgrades are one of the more costly improvements, the results are well worth the investment.  Quality tenants will appreciate the new flooring and be willing to spend more for an upgraded rental unit.

Landscape the Exterior
The first thing that potential tenants see when driving up to your rental unit is the exterior. Landscaping makes a big difference in the overall look of your property.  Consider plants, stonework, and other impressive landscaping that will attract tenants.

Clean Everything
One of the most important aspects of beautifying your rental property is to make it exceptionally clean.  When you hire a rental management Fairfield company, they will ensure the rental unit is clean before allowing potential tenants to view the home.

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