by | Nov 1, 2011 | Home Decor

Oftentimes the most fun part of a vacation is the hotel room. You’re not responsible for keeping the bathroom clean, you can throw your clothes anywhere you like, someone will deliver an entire room to your meal if you only ask and when you leave and come back a few hours later, someone has made the bed. Is there anything in life more perfect?

But one of the best parts about hotels is actually how well most people sleep in them. That could be because chances are they’re on vacation, and therefore more relaxed while away from the stresses of home. But most likely it has to do with the fact that most hotels treat their windows with room-darkening drapery. Next time you’re at a hotel take notice of what’s on the window in the room. Chances are it’ll be a layer of heavy drapers over some sheer curtains. The heavy drapes are crucial in blocking all sunlight, as well as lights from life, such as streetlights, headlights and billboards.

But the sheer curtains also play a crucial role. In the daytime, most people enjoy the natural light but still want to maintain some privacy. Having a set of quality sheer curtains can ensure that you know what time of day it is while at the same time protecting yourself from the prying eyes of the outside world, whether real or perceived.

While only you can pick up your wet towel at home, you can replicate the light filtering bliss of a hotel room in your very own home with the right combination of window treatments.

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