Steps in undergoing drug rehab

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Health Care

Taking the first steps towards a healthy, sober life is not easy. It is the beginning of a lifelong journey which demands dedication and lots of hard work, but it is well worth the effort. Like any trip, it starts with simple small steps, pointed in the direction you wish to take. The steps that you will take in your rehabilitation process will vary; it will vary due to the chemical that you are taking and your physiology. Regardless of how you get there; the first step in drug rehab is detox.

The program basics:
There is no shortage of options when it comes to rehabilitation, what is most important is that the addict finds a program that fits him well. Feeling comfortable in the drug rehab facility generally shows better results as you feel good, and you have a better chance of seeing the program through to the end.

  • Inpatient programs take the addict out of his old way of life and put them into a supervised environment. Inpatient care is beneficial in removing stress as the addict is removed from the temptation of relapse. This is true both during initial detox and the rehab process, which are very different. Detox in an inpatient facility provides 24 hour supervision. Patients are often removed from any contact with family and friends during the beginning stages of drug rehab. This allows them to focus all of their attention and energy on their recovery, with no outside distractions. As time goes by, parents, other family members and friends are invited to family therapy sessions. These visits and sessions help with the support network that recovering addicts desperately need once released from rehab.
  • Outpatient programs follow a similar plan, the primary difference being; the patient returns home each evening and comes back the following morning. This arrangement is ideal for patients who have outside obligations that must be met, such as attending to elderly parents or work. Employers are usually very sympathetic to employees who are voluntarily going through drug rehab, and they are often allowed to work part-time while in treatment. Outpatient care is not recommended for those hard=core addicts with a history of long-term addiction.

Prior to the start of the rehabilitation process, all drug rehab centers demand that the user be clean from illicit substances, be they drugs or alcohol. Detoxification removes all traces of the offending chemical from the body. During detox, the addict may be assisted with medication that counteracts the symptoms of withdrawal from such drugs as heroin.

The detox process varies between individuals, mostly depending upon the chemical in the system and how long the addiction has lasted. Once the substance is removed, the patient can now proceed into rehab.

Drug rehab can be a difficult process, depending on the substance that was being abused and the length of time of addiction. The professionals at Salt Lake Behavioral Center are skilled in helping the addict work his way from being drug dependent to an active participant in life.

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