Things Rental Management Agencies Typically Avoid

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Real Estate

Property owners are usually under the misconception that rental managers will take care of everything.  However, there are a few things property managers in San Diego simply will not do.  While they do take care of most things, there are a few things that are outside of their professional scope.  Taxes, utility bills, insurance, and other matters are usually personal in nature, so the property owner will usually be directly billed for these things.  The management company will only be responsible for things that are directly related to the sale and management of your properties.  As a property owner, you will need to be aware of the things you will be responsible for, unless you have made special arrangements with your management company to care for these special requests.

Utility Bills and Other Considerations

Some property management companies will deal personally with several utility companies but only on special request from the property owner.  More and more utility companies are placing restrictions and regulations on how third parties can access accounts.  Due to their restrictions, it has become increasingly difficult for property owners to get these services covered by their property managers.  Even though this seems like a real inconvenience, it is actually a smart move for property owners to handle these things themselves.  Identity theft is rampant, and even though you should be able to trust your property management company, a lot of their employees will have access to your sensitive information if you give them total control over utility bills and other matters.  Things such as your social security number and bank account information should never be in the hands of too many people.

Insurance Payments and Tax Matters

In most cases, property management companies will not deal with taxing authorities over personal property or over regular property taxes.  The bills for these items should go directly to the property owner, so the management company will usually not be involved at all.  However, it may be possible to make special arrangements with the property management company to see these items are paid.  Property owners may incur an additional fee for these services, but it will save them time if they do not have to personally deal with it. Insurance is another thing that most property managers will not deal with.  While they will carry liability insurance, as most businesses do, their policies will not cover loss to the building or the property owner.  It is imperative property owners have the right insurance policies for their needs.  The rental manager may be able to recommend a good insurance agent in the area.

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