Throw a Birthday Bingo Party with Chocolate Squares

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Shopping

Bingo is one of the most popular games, particularly among older retired individuals. Every bingo night, food, cake, popcorn and drinks are enjoyed to the fullest. But come any special day like Easter, Halloween, 4th of July and many more, the festivals are stepped up to an all-out party. That is a good thing because it is stimulating for the seniors to have something to look forward to every week considering the rest of their week may be quite boring.

For the special holidays, they will celebrate a theme, but for the birthdays that are celebrated once a month, there will, no doubt, be no theme. To change that, a birthday bingo party needs personalized chocolate squares. After all, bingo is all about squares, right?

Birthday Bingo Party with a Theme

The theme is a birthday with foil-covered chocolate squares. The colors for the birthday bingo party would be different for each month so just say for convenience sake that it is March so the spring flowers are blooming in every color.

The three tables for the food can be covered in pink, blue and yellow plastic tablecloths. One table will be for the sandwiches, chips and drinks. The second table is for the cake and candy, and the third table can have a couple flower arrangements of tulips, daffodils and other spring-like flowers.

Birthday Bingo Cake and Candy

The cake will feature individual squares and icing of various spring colors. On top of each square will be chocolate squares. Scattered in and around all the little dessert plates with cake on them will be foil-wrapped chocolate squares. The foil can be printed just like a bingo square.

There can be a variety of candies placed in clear glass jars or vases. Various candies come in pastel colors, which ties into the spring-like colors used in the other aspects of the decorations.

Birthday Bingo Lights

Before placing the tablecloths on the tables, lay a string of blinking white lights in a random configuration.  The food, the candy and the cake, as well as the flower arrangements, can be set randomly amidst the lights. On the table with the flower arrangements, place a boom box to play for old classics the seniors would enjoy. In addition to the blinking lights, some scented votive candles can be placed around to enhance the mood of the party.

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