Veneers – The Best Way To Hide Dental Defects

by | Jul 19, 2011 | Health Care

If you have discoloration or ugly cracks on the upper surface of the teeth, your are probably a candidate for a dental treatment with veneers. These are basically thin shell-like porcelain covers that are attached to the upper surface of the teeth to hide dental defects. However, such treatments are offered only be a reputed dentist only. You should visit a dental clinic to get your teeth examined and consult with the experts whether you are a suitable candidate for a treatment with dental veneers.

When it comes to a treatment with such porcelain dental covers, at first the expert should discuss the dental problems you are facing and will check whether other dentistry techniques will be better than covering the defects. Then the professional will take an impression of your teeth to prepare custom-fitted covers. A portion of enamel of equal thickness to the shells is removed from the outer surface of the teeth. Generally, it takes a few weeks before the shells are attached to the scrapped teeth. If the expert feels necessary, s/he can fit temporary covers so, that you do not feel any difficulty in eating and smiling till the permanent veneers are attached.

You should know that the shells are made to look exactly like your natural teeth. Therefore, those will not be starkly noticeable when you smile or talk. However, if such a treatment is not carried out by an experienced dentist, it might affect the longevity of the veneers. Inexperienced handling might even distort your smile forever! So, you should opt for such a treatment only at a reputed dental clinic.

There are various advantages of such a dentistry technique, like –

  • Ugly cracks and stains are hidden. Generally, for fitting such dental prosthetics, treatments are done to improve the oral health conditions of the patient. Therefore, the oral heal health is restored in such a treatment.
  • The porcelain shells are stain-resistant. Therefore, your bright while smile is restored for a long time with such  treatment. While the natural teeth have a tendency to attract stains and marks, the porcelain veneers will not allow discolorations and stains to stick on them. Thus, you will never lose your confidence in public again.
  • Another benefit of these porcelain shells is that they strengthen the natural teeth. Cracked and chipped teeth are often weak and have a tendency to fall. However, an experienced dentist can improve the strength of the teeth by attaching the hard porcelain shells. While on one hand the cracks and gaps will be covered, on the other, the teeth will become strong and healthy.

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