Wedding Rings, Your Quiet Defender

by | Jun 21, 2012 | Shopping

Wedding rings in Fort Meyers FL speak silently, they tell the world of your state of bliss. When you and your mate decide to get married, the first place you want to head is one of the fine jewelers in the area. It is here where both future husband and wife can select the rings of their choice, rings that are intended to stay on in perpetuity.

Wedding rings have to do a number of jobs equally well. First and foremost, they have to state your undying love for your mate. The ring itself can be as simple as a soda pop pull ring; it makes a statement, and it says in no uncertain terms that we have taken each other into each other’s lives. However, a pull ring is simply not going to do the job, so let’s get serious.

Having gone through the process I can state without a doubt that a wedding ring for a man and a wedding ring for a woman are very different. A man may very well abuse his ring, not in a mean sense, but in the sense that his occupation subjects his ring to a lot of stress. A woman is normally different, you don’t see a lot of women working in steel mills, they work in jobs that put less stress on their wedding ring.

That is why the jewelers in and around Fort Meyers are such an asset when you are purchasing your rings. Although you may wish your rings to have similar appearances, the abuse they get will demands different base metals. Many men are opting today for wedding rings produced from Titanium. The metal is lightweight, resistant to scratching and deformation and has a luster to it that lasts a lifetime. To produce a titanium wedding ring, tungsten is mixed with carbon and other trace elements and ground to a powder. This powder is then compressed under huge pressure into an annulus, which is then fired in a 2400 degree F oven. The result is a blank with unbelievable characteristics which will last many lifetimes.

A woman is different, not only does she usually not subject the ring to the same abuse as does her husband; she sees it as a fashionable accessory as well. When a woman is married, she approaches the altar with no ring; her engagement ring at this moment has been removed. When the wedding ring is placed on her finger by her husband, it stays on for life. The engagement ring comes off and on as the situation dictates. You don’t wear you engagement ring to wash the dishes, but you most certainly wear your wedding ring. There are many times when a wife will not care to wear her diamond into public, but her wedding ring is still there. As the wedding ring is there on her finger, 24 x 7, she wants it to be a multi-tasking piece of jewelry.

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