What do you want an Austin Family Law Lawyer to Do?

by | Sep 6, 2011 | Legal Advice

According to a recent study conducted by a popular online magazine, 18% of all married couples in America are actually confronted with divorce even before their 5th wedding anniversary!  If you are planning to file for divorce in Austin, a family law lawyer should be engaged to provide for the necessary legal assistance. There are several sources available for tracking down a suitable one. You could either seek assistance from the local bar council or search online.

When evaluating available options in Austin, a family law lawyer is often judged on the basis of his expertise and experience. Although this is a justified means for selection, a lot depends on the kind of role he would be expected to play. When you look for legal assistance in Austin, a family law lawyer should also be questioned individually with respect to the case and the responsibilities he could be expected to assume.

Austin Family Law Lawyer: Your Expectations

As a client, you would have a set of expectations from your family attorney. Ask yourself the following questions for clarity:

  • When you seek legal help for a divorce settlement in Austin, a family law lawyer would intervene only as much as you desire. You should decide if your lawyer should conduct the proceedings of the case single handedly, with occasional consultations with you, or whether you prefer dealing with it pretty much yourself. Your preferences should be clearly communicated to your lawyer, for a smooth working relationship.
  • Are out of court settlements like arbitration and mediation options for you? In case they are, you need to inform your attorney or law firm. They would be able to clarify if they specialize in such settlement options. Conversely, if you are keen on a trial, the same should also be communicated for due clarity.
  • While discussing the case with your attorney, you should let him know if the divorce is likely to be a friendly or a bitter one. Considering that some divorce cases would be aggressively fought in court, your attorney would need to prepare himself accordingly.
  • You need to prioritize your interests before the case is up for trial or settlement. Are you more concerned about protecting your economic status or is child custody all important? Your attorney would have to chart his course of action according to the goals you wish to achieve.

These simple self evaluative questions will not only help in selecting the ideal Austin family law lawyer, but will also help him perform better.


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