What to Do if Your Employer Does Not Approve of Your Nose Ring

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Jewelry

If you decided to pierce your nose a few years ago and now you are looking for a job, only to find out that most employments are not piercing-friendly places, you do have a few options. The first and most obvious option is to let the hole in your nose close up. You may find that you really don’t miss it but the one issue most people have with this option is the hole it leaves behind depending on how big the nose piercing is. It can be very noticeable and take around 1 year to completely close. However, if you are fond of your nose piercing then you should look for a retainer nose ring. This piece of piercing material is affordable and makes it hardly visible. Making this choice both you and your employer will be satisfied.

Online Body Jewelry Store Has Retainer Nose Rings

Finding the perfect retainer nose ring is easy when you opt to shop at an online body jewelry store such as BodyJewelry.com. While browsing the website you will notice a variety of different types of nose piercing retainers. From curved to straight to push-fit to solid nose ring retainers, each one of these retainers are of the highest quality material and flexible. Nose ring retainers are so comfortable you won’t even realize you are wearing it. In addition, you do not have to worry about any irritation or infection. Retainer nose rings come in flesh color and clear so it is not obvious you are wearing it or you can purchase one in a color such as black.

Retainer Nose Ring Is an Easy Way to Hide a Piercing

Retainer nose ring is an easy way to hide a piercing. No matter if you need to hide your piercing at work or at a social function. It is good to have a retainer nose ring on-hand. If you are in need of a quality retainer nose ring then visit the website of BodyJewelry.com today for their quality body jewelry products!

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