What to expect in a contract with property management in South Bay CA

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Real Estate

As the owner of income property, when you hire a property management company to represent you, they are being given the responsibilities of handling all the day-to-day operational issues of the buildings, grounds, and the people who live in them.  Apart from making them the “gate keeper,” you are making a considerable financial decision.Property management in South Bay CA can provide the owner with all the help they need in running the income property and making sure every aspect of the investment goes along smoothly and to plan.

Once you have interviewed the companies in the area and made your selection, you must now develop and enter into a contract for the services.  The development of the contract includes the basic information the owner and management company agree upon.  Some of these basics include the following:

The duties performed by management:

All aspects of the responsibilities and tasks associated with tenant care are specified.  These responsibilities include responding to tenant requests and needs.  As well as tenant care, the contract details the maintenance of the property.

Property management in South Bay CA has a wide range of responsibilities.  They have to deal with inspectors, create and implement effective marketing programs, interview prospective tenants, and collect rent from sitting tenants.  The property manager is typically responsible for all day-to-day details.

Additionally, professional property managers are tasked with evicting a tenant when necessary.


A standard arrangement is for the manager to charge the owner the fees monthly.  The fees are usually based on the gross rent receipts.  Often the fee can be negotiated; some managers are willing to compromise based on certain factors, one being the owner’s participation and the competitive situation in the area.
Management’s legal liabilities:

Most contracts between a property management company and the owner include those issues that the management is held legally liable.  These liabilities may include bed bugs, injuries, crimes that happen on the property, or vandalism.  To mitigate their liability, most management companies carry the necessary insurances.

Most management companies are quite adamant that the contract contains specifically what they are and what they are not liable for.  The contract should clearly state what the situations are and where they are to be held liable.  The property management firm will also expect there is a clause pertaining to the owner having sufficient liability insurance.

Owner’s responsibilities:

Anything that is not included in the agreement by default becomes the owner’s responsibility.  This is why the specifics of the management mandate should clearly be stated.

Terms and grounds for termination:

The term of a standard contract is usually for one year.  The contract must state what the reasons are for early termination; these reasons can be poor quality service, excessive complaints about the tenants by neighbors, or poor revenue discipline.

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