What You Need to Know about a Trade Show Exhibit Booth

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Marketing & Advertising

Trade shows are a great way to reach an extremely targeted audience to increase the chances of success from your booth. If you have never attended a trade show for your business before, there are important things you need to know about hosting a trade show exhibit booth. Going into a trade show without being aware of these facts can result in major hassles.

Event Labor Staff

When you attend the trade show, you may think it is completely up to you to install your exhibit options. However, this isn’t always the case. Make sure you talk about your booth and what you will need to put up with the event staff before you get started. Different venues have different rules about what you can install and what needs to be done by event labor staff.

Helium Balloons

The goal of every business at a trade show is to capture the attention of those who attend the show. Many businesses seem to think the best way to do this is with helium balloons. However, these balloons are often ineffective, especially after the first day of the show. Helium balloons have a habit of getting loose and floating away or deflating after the first day. When the balloons float to the ceiling, it is up to the event staff to get rid of them, which is a time-consuming task.

Tether Tall Displays

If the displays in your trade show exhibit booth are tall, you may need to tether them to something else to keep them from falling on attendees. Check with the event staff to find out what the regulations are for what must be tethered. In many situations, everything over 12 feet needs to be anchored in some way.


Make sure you know whether insurance is required for your trade show booth. In some cases, the cost of this insurance may be included in the cost of the booth. In other cases, you may be responsible for providing your own.

Purchasing a attractive trade show exhibit booth at an industry trade show can be a great way to make an impression on those who need your services. However, before you set up at one of these shows, you need to know exactly what you are getting into. Make sure you ask about what aspects the event labor staff needs to complete, whether your displays need to be tethered and what type of insurance you need. It is also important to avoid using helium balloons in your display.

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