Why a Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison WI May Represent Male Clients More Frequently

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Law enforcement officials grow tired of being called back to the same residence several times when neighbors report yelling and screaming in the middle of the night. The neighbors are tired of the continuous fighting too. One day, the police officers arrest the husband, who is charged with domestic violence. The story of what happened unfolds as he consults a Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison WI.

Why Assaults by Men May Be Considered More Serious

When two men or two women get into a physical fight, the situation may be considered somewhat even. If a woman strikes a man, the stereotypical attitude is that he is unlikely to be injured. However, when a man hits a woman, people may take this matter much more seriously. The main issue connected with this stereotype is that men do tend to be stronger than women, and their physical strikes against women tend to cause more harm.

Now What Happens?

In this particular instance, the husband tells the Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison WI that his wife hit him first. He admits to slapping her in the face, at which point she ran from the house and dialed 911. Now what happens?

The Reason for the Assault Charge

The man probably feels this situation is very unfair. His wife might have hit him several times before he retaliated out of frustration and anger, yet he is the one charged with assault. One aspect that must be considered is whether either of the attacks on each other resulted in injury. Assault causing an injury may be a felony charge. If police arrived and found that the woman who called for help has a black eye, noticeable bruising or a cut lip, an assault charge is likely.

An attorney with an organization such as Gregory Wright Law Offices S. C. may advise the client not to return home or speak with his wife for now, although this advice often is ignored. After the heat of the moment has passed, she may regret calling the police, and he may hope she can get the charges dropped. In many instances, however, a judge will not comply with this type of request. Like us on Facebook.

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