3 Things to Take Along When You Meet with a Divorce Attorney in Metuchen

If you’ve determined that seeking a divorce is the only way to resolve an unhappy marriage, the next step is to hire a divorce attorney in Metuchen. In preparation for that first meeting, it’s important to bring along a few things the attorney will need. Here are three examples of what to take with you.

Finances are a major part of dividing assets. To that end, it makes sense to take along documentation related to all of the properties, bank accounts, and other holdings that the two of you own. If you suspect that there may be assets you don’t know about, mention that to the attorney. Doing so will make it easier to begin structuring the details of the divorce petition.

Next, be prepared to articulate why you’re seeking the divorce. Has there been activity that could be legally described as mental cruelty or physical assault? Do you believe that your spouse has been unfaithful? Whatever the reasons, be prepared to share them with your legal counsel. This will make it easier to decide what grounds will be presented in the petition.

Finally, provide your divorce attorney in Metuchen with information related to child custody. If there are any minor children in the home, decisions must be made about who will serve as the custodial parent and what type of visitation rights the non-custodial parent will have. This will help the attorney learn what sort of child support arrangement to include, up to and including elements like health insurance and providing funds for college.

Your goal is to ensure that the divorce petition is in full compliance with current laws, and that the judge is likely to approve the terms outlined. With the aid of an attorney, the odds of that happening are much higher.

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