A Veterinarian In Bloomfield CT Can Help Your Pet Get Home Safely

Losing a pet is a terrifying experience. If your dog or cat darts out the door, sneaks out of the car, or otherwise manages to bolt away from you, there is no telling what might happen. Even an animal that has tags may not be safe, since a collar can be easily lost or could be removed by an unscrupulous person who decides to hold onto or sell a found animal rather than trying to contact the owners. With help from a Veterinarian Bloomfield CT, though, you can have a much better chance of seeing your dog or cat again if they ever run off.

The most common way that a Veterinarian Bloomfield CT helps with this is by inserting a microchip. This is also known as chipping a pet. A very small chip, around the same size as a grain of rice, is inserted under the animals skin just below the back of the neck near the shoulder. Once this is done, the chip just remains harmlessly and invisibly in place. This procedure only requires a needle similar to those used in vaccinations, but you can have it done when your pet already under anesthesia to be spayed or neutered if you are concerned about discomfort.

Once the chip is in place, the Veterinarian Bloomfield CT will give you the number that corresponds to it. You can then use that number to go online and to give the microchip company your name and contact information in case it is ever needed. Veterinarians, shelters, and many rescues keep equipment on hand that they can run over a pet’s shoulder to see if there is a chip. If they find one, the equipment will display the number, and they can simply call to get the owner’s information and let them know that their pet has been found.

If you want to keep your pet safe, you need to give him a form of identification that he can’t lose. That is exactly what a microchip does for him. There have been cases of pets finding their way home after weeks, months, or even years because they finally find their way to a shelter or vet that scans for a chip. If you want to get this protection for your animals, contact The Windsor Animal Clinic.

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