Answers to Several Commonly Asked Questions About Lawn Aeration in Spokane

The grass that composes most residential and commercial lawns requires adequate air to grow and thrive. However, soil can easily become compacted as a lawn gets mowed, played on, or simply walked on. The compaction process can be mitigated via seasonal freezing and thawing, minimizing the use of the lawn, and introducing earthworms. Also, though, Lawn Aeration in Spokane will still be required periodically to ensure that the grass has access to enough air.

Why is Aeration Important?

The grass’s roots will be better able to move through the soil to extract the nutrients it needs if the soil is properly aerated. Plus, vital nutrients, water, and additives such as fertilizer and pesticides are better able to be incorporated into soil that is loose. In addition, the essential microorganisms that break down thatch can only thrive if they have oxygen and without them, lawns can become more susceptible to diseases.

How is it Done?

Landscapers and lawn maintenance contractors usually perform Lawn Aeration in Spokane on an annual or bi-annual basis by removing soil plugs. They usually move in patterns, removing plugs that are about half an inch in diameter every two to six inches throughout the lawn. It’s essential that these professionals use machines that remove soil plugs rather than just pushing the soil down.

When Should Aeration Happen?

It’s difficult to generalize about how often lawn aeration will be required, as the needs of different types of grass can vary greatly, as can soil quality. However, most property owners choose to have their lawns aerated at least once a year prior to the lawn’s active growing season. For warm-season grasses, this should be some time near the beginning of summer, while those with cool-season grasses should aerate at the end of the summer. Property owners whose soil is clay-based should aerate twice a year.

Get Started Today

The first step to take toward ensuring adequate lawn aeration is to get in contact with a dedicated landscaping and lawn maintenance service that can help. Browse our website for information about lawn aeration and a wide variety of other lawn care services today to get started.

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