Basics of Senior Care Services in Middlesex NJ

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Senior care

Knowing when an aging parent or loved one needs a little extra help and care can be a difficult line to walk. You want them to enjoy their independence for as long as possible, yet you worry about their health and safety. If you have been thinking about the basics of senior care services in Middlesex NJ, here are some questions you should ask as you try to decide if the time has come for a helping hand:

How is their hygiene? It is likely time to consider senior living care assistance if your loved one is unable to handle basic hygiene like bathing, shaving, dressing, and using the restroom.

What is their vision like? Vision issues can make it harder for your loved one to take care of themselves and can make things like dressing and cooking much more difficult, senior care in Middlesex NJ can help.

Do they have mobility issues? Falling is the single biggest danger the elderly face and the injuries that come with a fall can lead to lengthy hospital stays or even major complications.

Do they forget their medications? With age, memory tends to go, and when it comes to remembering to take medications when to take them, and the right doses, a helping hand can bring peace of mind for all.

Knowing if your loved one needs extra help with their daily care and basic needs can be a challenge, but if that time has come, you do not have to go at it alone. Visiting South Amboy Adult Daycare is there to help provide extra hands, feet, eyes, and hearts to help take care of your loved one. Call them today for an appointment with our team of care experts. They would love to help you and your family make this big adjustment!

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