Begin Your Epic American Route 66 Harley Ride in Chicago IL

A Harley-Davidson is not only an iconic American motorcycle, but it also represents a uniquely American outlook. To many, riding a Harley across America on Route 66 represents freedom and the pioneer spirit of America.

Route 66

Known as “the Mother Road” and the “Main Street of America”, U.S. Route 66 began in Chicago and ended at the Santa Monica Boardwalk in California.

First opened in November of 1926, Route 66 quickly became the preferred route for people moving west to California during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Along the length of the Mother Road, an entire economy sprung up, catering to tourists and emigrants alike.

Route 66, along with many of the small towns along its length, died in 1985. By then, the road had been decommissioned in favor of the new interstate highway system. However, the legend lives on, and America’s Main Street has been resurrected as a National Scenic Byway designated as Historic Route 66.

Getting Your Ride For Historic Route 66

A Harley-Davidson is an out of reach dream for many; a new Harley is not cheap. Fortunately, a visit to a used motorcycle dealer in Chicago can begin your legendary ride without blowing your entire retirement savings. A used bike will also be broken in and have more character than an off the shelf new ride. You finally can make your American Dream come true on a Harley!

Chicago Cycles Motorsports is a reputable used motorcycle dealer in Chicago, and the perfect place to find your perfect Harley.

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