Child Custody – Gain a Favorable Outcome for You and Your Family

Child custody matters are typically delicate situations that should be handled with experience, knowledge, and a genuine concern for the welfare of the child involved. The “child’s best interest” standard is applied to parenting plans and time-sharing schedules in an attempt to ensure safety, security, and nourishment. Developing a suitable system can be difficult for parents without the guidance of a specialized attorney. Family legal disputes can be highly complex, and without the suggestions and support of a trained professional, you may slip into pitfalls that could have otherwise been avoided. Your lawyer will help you adhere to the standards courts commonly implement, gain the outcome you desire, and ensure the needs of your child are met.
Assesses Children & Parents
The best interest standard aims to evaluate not only the child’s background, but their parents’ as well. Each child is unique, and constructing a safe environment for them requires close examination of both parents and what they can and cannot provide. This also helps to narrow down available custody options, which typically include physical, legal, sole, and joint. For example, if two parties are unable to come to an agreement, the courts may grant joint custody if they feel the parents are mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially stable enough to fulfill their responsibilities. In another instance, a judge may deem one parent unfit to provide for their child due to previous instances of domestic violence or substance abuse, and therefore award sole custody to the capable parent as a result.

Representation You Deserve
In any situation involving time-sharing, whether it stems from a divorce or paternity case, it’s always prudent to have access to legal representation you can trust. While some parents opt to represent themselves in court, doing so can be extremely risky. Child custody laws aren’t identical for each state, and relying on a Florida family law attorney will simplify the process and lessen the stress of the situation. Representing yourself in court requires that you develop extensive knowledge of child custody laws, legal terms, and courtroom etiquette within a small time window. Your lawyer will handle the hard work for you by ensuring all documents are filed correctly, all needed evidence is present, and your rights are fully protected.

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