Child Support Lawyers in Lebanon County, PA Explain Common Misconceptions

Court-ordered child support payments are intended to compensate a child’s custodial parent for basic living expenses, education, and health care. This can be a difficult area to navigate for parents who are divorced, separated, or broken up. There are many misconceptions about this area of family law. Here are some of the most common explained by child support lawyers in Lebanon County, PA.

The individual that is paying the child support cannot deduct this as an expense on their taxes. However, it is tax-free income for the recipient. Keep in mind that federal tax refunds can be taken away to cover unpaid child support.

Calculation of Child Support
There is no set standard across the U.S. for support needed to cover the care of a child. Each state has its own guidelines for what the adequate amount of money will be. There are estimator tools available but it is best to work with a lawyer to determine the correct amount.

Child Visitation
Child support and child visitation rights are two separate issues. Payments cannot be withheld when the child’s custodial parent tries to limit the amount of time the other parent spends with the child. This applies even when the courts deny visitation.

Unemployment & Bankruptcy
Even in situations of unemployment or bankruptcy, child support payments are still due. However, family court judge can modify the child support orders and mandate a decrease, suspension or elimination of payments due to a change in the financial circumstances.

Penalties for Unpaid Child Support
Sadly, almost one-third of custodial parents and children never see the money that they are owed. When a parent fails to follow through on payments, this can result in garnished wages and damaged credit. Under federal law, if a parent owes $2,500 in unpaid child support, they can be denied a passport, and therefore unable to leave the country.

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