Chris Dixon Oxford Advisory Group

Chris Dixon is one of the founders of the Oxford Advisory Group. The group is made of a team of financial advisors, all with the goal of helping people towards saving for retirement.

Part of this is achieved by what is known as the stress test- these are three key areas that the team looks at in order to ascertain what you can do to give yourself the best chance of achieving your long term goals in terms of planning for retirement.

The first is looking at growth- this covers aspects such as retirement income strategies, wealth management and investment. The second aspect is about preservation, considering issues such as protecting assets, life insurance, tax efficiency and looking at issues around long term care.

Finally, there is the issue of IRA legacy planning, thinking about how you will provide for the people and causes that you are passionate about. In addition to this, the company also refers their customers to other contacts who can handle services such as probate, estate planning and establishing trusts, so these areas can also be effectively covered as necessary.

Chris Dixon looks at all of this and more in his regular radio show broadcasts, seminars and meetings with clients. This is something that he is personally passionate about and is reflected in the fact he has been contacted by a number of high-profile media outlets to discuss retirement planning, something that is key to his current role in the Oxford Advisory Group.