Drug Addiction Treatment In Oxnard CA Can Turn Your Life Around

Drug addiction is in a lot of news reports these days. Individuals can be suffering from alcohol or drug addiction or both. Addiction can afflict teenagers to senior adults.

Although some individuals think about attending rehab, they might be concerned about the time they have to be there and maintaining their employment and family obligations. A Drug Addiction Treatment in Oxnard CA has recovery programs weekday mornings, afternoons, and evening to accommodate work, school, and family schedules.

Regaining Control

Drug addiction is very serious and will continue to spiral an individual out of control without the appropriate help from a recovery center. The skilled staff will help each patient work through how overwhelming their life may seem and support the individual during their treatment. A patient will receive the tools and resources they need to get and stay drug-free.

Comprehensive Support

There are many treatment options for all types of drug addiction. A team of personnel will work closely with an individual to develop an individualized treatment plan. Counseling is available from one to fifteen hours a week. Drug Addiction Treatment in Oxnard CA includes relapse prevention tools, services for teens and adults, and groups for men and women.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is very close to drug addiction, but requires a different approach. Services for alcohol addiction include a whole-person approach, a full assessment, dual diagnosis program, relapse prevention services, comprehensive treatment programs, and individualized treatment planning from one to fifteen hours a week.

Alcohol addiction is a family disease and rehabilitation from alcohol includes services for the entire family. The behavior an alcoholic struggles with can have negative impacts on all the members of the family.

Other Services

There are many different services individuals may need help with including addictions with gambling, DUI, ADIS, and smoke cessation. A caring and compassionate staff will work closely with an individual for whatever type of addiction they need to be treated for.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addition and want personalized care to break the cycle of addiction, please visit Monarch Recovery IOP. Their fresh approach and caring staff will help during this difficult process on the road to being free from addiction. You can also follow them on Facebook for more updates.