Entrusting Your Legal Case to One of the Local Maintenance Attorneys

When you file for divorce, you may realize that you cannot live sufficiently on your income alone. You may find it challenging to adjust to sustaining yourself and your children without the income that your spouse once contributed.

Until you become more financially stable, you may need to retain a portion of your spouse’s earnings. You can ask the court to award you this support by retaining someone like one of the Palatine maintenance attorneys to represent you in your divorce.

Making a Fair Case

As much as you want to be separate from your spouse, you may still need a portion of his or her income to support yourself. You need this income until you get a better paying job and stabilize your finances as a newly single person.

When you have a lawyer representing you in court, you can make this argument to the judge and ask for a fair amount of spousal support. You may receive enough to sustain yourself and your children until you get a better paying job.

The attorney that you retain can determine what amount of support to ask for in court. He or she can make an effective argument on your behalf before the judge who is assigned to your case.

You can learn more about Palatine maintenance attorneys online. To schedule a consultation or find out what services are available to clients like you, contact Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C at https://lawyer-il.com/.

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