Ever Wonder How Railroads Are Redone and Trackside Maintenance Completed?

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Engineering Service

Railroads are built up, maintained, and torn down again. Yet, how does a railroad company do all this? Trains are not exactly equipped for all of this work. That’s where the railroad track equipment companies come in. Railroad track equipment works independently of trains to keep tracks in good shape, keep the tracks clear, and keep the growth on both sides of the track from overgrowing and covering the tracks. Here are some pieces of equipment that have big railroad jobs.

Ballast Cribber

Some railroad ties are secured to the ground in concrete ballasts. While this does make them quite secure, it also makes the ties impossible to remove and replace when they have worn out. That is when the railroad maintenance crews utilize a ballast cribber to yank the concrete ballasts out of the ground and dispose of them. The cribber rides along the rails, pulling up the ballasts and moving backward to continue pulling the ballasts out as it goes.

CHX25 High Rail Excavator

This excavator is an indispensable piece of railroad track equipment. It rides along the rails with ease, but has a very long arm to extend to either side of the tracks. Removing downed trees, excess overgrowth, and/or creating a buildup bank against the tracks are just a few of the uses for this piece of equipment.

Rail Trail Cart

This is the fastest and easiest way to get railroad construction equipment to the spot on the tracks where you want it. Load the equipment on a rail trail cart, hook it up to an engine, and away you go. It hauls one larger and one smaller piece of rail equipment.

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