Find The Right Checking Account in Altoona, PA

For most people who have a bank account at all, it is a checking account that forms the central pillar of financial life. This is usually where money from a pay check or government benefit will be deposited. From there, in turn, the money moves on to be used to pay for any number of things from groceries to credit card bills. Since you have to use this type of account a lot, you should take care in choosing a bank that will offering you excellent service and favorable terms on your Checking Account in Altoona PA.

Current banking trends are moving strongly in the direction of eliminating free checking accounts. The United States government took steps in the last few years to change the law so that banks had to be more clear about what fees they were charging and could no longer use several tricks that had previously allowed them to charge large penalties to their customers. The banks, in turn, are trying to make up for this lost revenue by taking away free checking entirely from those customers who don’t maintain extremely large balances.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a great checking account, though. There are still online banks, credit unions, and a few local banks that value the customer experience enough to strive to provide great customer service and minimal fees. At ARC Federal Credit Union, for example, you can get an account that doesn’t have fees, has no minimum balance, allows you to write unlimited checks, and offers free bill pay and online banking. Depending on your preferences, you can also get options like a debit card and overdraft protection. This range of features means that you will be able to keep your money in a checking account without having to feel bad about how much of it you are losing just to keep the account open.

If you are a customer at a bank that is in the process of eliminating its free checking, you don’t have to just put up with it. Setting up an account at a credit union is a great way to get away from the constant fees and penalties that you can face with the standard big national banks.

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