Finding Top Off-Campus Housing Near Drexel University Is Simple

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Attending Drexel University can be so exciting, especially with all of the American history Philadelphia has to offer. However finding housing can be a bit difficult, but following a few simple guidelines will lead you to the perfect housing plan.

The first thing you want to do when trying to find Drexel University off-campus housing is read the school ads. These will be provided to you freely on a daily basis once you sign up with the university. Not only do the off-campus housing ads offer discounts, but these housing plans are considered a lot safer than traditional off-campus housing due to these establishments being connected to the university.

The next thing you can do is conduct a web search for Drexel University off-campus housing. However, you should only contact housing establishments that have been recommended by the campus, and this will be stated on the website. Furthermore, you should only consider housing establishments that resonate with both your academic and personal life. You have to remember you will most likely be spending at least two years here.

An example of an awesome housing program offering Drexel University off-campus housing is The Radian. This complex is equipped with both apartments and entire homes, and students will have the luxury of using various study halls and social places where the views of Philadelphia are absolutely breathless. Furthermore, this housing complex prides itself on safety and making sure all of the student residents are interacting with each other and interacting in a peaceful manner. You can contact The Radian at

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