Get Out of Jail Fast: Bail Bond Services in Van Zandt County, Texas

After an arrest, every second spent in pretrial detention is a second too long. Luckily, there are courteous, efficient bail bond services in Van Zandt County, Texas, that can help anyone get out of pretrial detention and go home ASAP.

After an Arrest

After an arrest, a defendant gets booked into jail. Sometimes the bail amount for the charges may already be posted on a schedule inside the county jail. With felony charges, the defendant must attend arraignment or a bail hearing in order to obtain his/her full bail amount.

Arraignment and bail hearings typically occur 24 to 72 hours after booking. If paid, bail is the defendant’s promise to return to court later. The court gives full bail back to the defendant after court proceedings finish. The defendant forfeits bail if he/she flees proceedings.

Contacting a Bail Agent

It’s critical to contact a bail agent as soon as the defendant learns his/her bail amount. The bond agent calculates the bail bond cost at 10 to 15 percent of whatever full bail amount the court imposes. This cost is the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee, called a premium.

Paying the bail bond cost is easier than it sounds. There are discounts for upfront cash payment in full. There are also payment plans worth considering. Plans allow payees to pay down the full bail bond cost in installments.

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