Getting the Best Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney in the Oakland Area

There are a wide variety of reasons people can become disabled. While physical disabilities are the most common type of disability, mental disabilities can also be problematic. For people who are struggling with a disability, day to day life can be difficult. Tasks that were once done with ease can become difficult and tiring to complete.

Help for the Disabled

The good news is that through the Social Security program, people who are suffering from significant physical or mental disabilities can get financial support to help them pay for their living expenses. Even people who have not earned substantial amounts of income in their lifetime are eligible for Social Security benefits under certain circumstances.

Legal Assistance for Disability Claims

While the Social Security Disability claim process can be done without the assistance of an attorney, unless the person has debilitating symptoms, most claims are denied on the first try without legal representation. Many claims made without a disability attorney specialist are also rejected in the second and third attempts of filing a disability claim.

The good news is that the chance of getting a disability claim approved is significantly enhanced with the assistance of a high-quality professional disability claims attorney. Attorneys who have experience with the Social Security Disability process know how to prepare applications so that they are correctly completed and can guide their clients through the entire process.

If you are looking for the best SSI attorney near Oakland at Ortega Disability Group, we have been helping Social Security Disability claimants for years get benefit approval, and you can learn more about our SSI attorney near Oakland services.

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