How Does Store Brand Infant Formula in [USA] Compare to Name Brands

You want the very best for your new baby, and that means buying the most expensive name-brand infant formula, right? Think again. Although the big-name baby formula brands spend a lot of money on advertisements to convince new parents that their products are superior, store brands are actually just as good. Learn how choosing generic formula can save money without compromising on nutrition or quality.

All Brands Must Meet the Same Standards

From the cheapest to the most expensive brands, the FDA has established standards that all baby formulas must meet. When you purchase any formula on the shelf, you can be assured that it contains the complete nutrition your child needs.

No Studies Have Shown Brand Advantages

Many studies have compared different baby formula brands, but none have found any difference between them when it comes to nutrition and safety.

Formulation is More Important Than Brand

Although there is no difference between baby formula brands, not all formulas are equal. Consider your child’s special needs and choose the right formulation regardless of brand. Some babies need formula designed for colic, allergies, reflux or other needs.

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