How Rental Management Companies Can Attract Tenants

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Real Estate

Why do some rentals garner no interest, while others have waiting lists that are miles long?  It is all in the details.  Tenants want to live somewhere where the property managers care about them.  They want an attractive residence that incorporates the things that matter most to them.  Although this is not an easy task for many rental management Fort Smith companies, property managers can easily create an attractive rental with these tips.

Spruce Up the Outside
Nobody wants to live in a dilapidated old rental surrounded by overgrown weeds.  Take some time to make the outside more inviting.  Remember, first appearances are everything.  If a prospect drives by and observes a mess, he or she will not stop to look at the rest of the property.  Therefore, make landscaping and general maintenance a priority before advertising the property.  Fix any loose shingles on the roof, touch up faded paint, clean the windows, and fix that creaky step on the porch.  Haul away any junk piles, and add some flowers to bring color to the rental.

Get Rid of the Clutter
Rental management companies need to address the issue of clutter, especially for multi-unit housing such as apartments and condos.  Some tenants may have junk piled up outside their homes.  Ask them to remove the junk piles, or remove them yourself.  There may be dead flowers and weeds inhabiting the flower beds.  Get rid of these, and add a few colorful flowers.  Trim or remove shrubs since they can block sunlight and cause security issues.  Keep the lawn mowed and edged.

Stress Safety
Residents want to live in a place where they feel secure.  This is especially important for single women.  That is why adding a few pieces of hardware – such as deadbolts and window locks – can make tenants more secure and, therefore, more likely to rent from you.

Enjoy your rental – and the income it provides – without the everyday hassle.  Relax and get help from RPM River Valley Team.


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