How to Find a Business VoIP Phone Company

When you are thinking about changing your phone system at your business from a landline phone system to a business VoIP phone system, there are many things you need to look for to make a successful change. Making the leap of faith into this Internet-based phone system can be overwhelming if you’ve never had a VoIP system before. Understanding exactly what to look for will make your transition not only easy but successful.


The company you choose should have plenty of years of experience behind them. While new companies might offer great deals to increase their customer base, they aren’t always the best companies to use. Finding a company that has been in the phone business for a long time and has changed with the times will offer you the best service.


When you search for a company from which to purchase your business VoIP phone system, support should play a major role in your decision. If the company you choose is simply going to ship your phones out to you and let you handle the rest, you should rethink your decision. A reputable company will not only help you purchase the right product, they will install it and give you support 24/7 once the product is installed. A majority of the time VoIP problems can be fixed remotely, but in the event they cannot, you want a local company that will be at your place of business quickly to help you fix the problem.


You should look for a company that offers top-quality technology and service providers that will be with you every step of the way. The router the phone company uses has a large bearing on how well your phone system works. Ask each company what type of voice router they will provide you with and do your own research to determine if it is a high-quality router. A reputable company will also offer you value-added features, such as call forwarding in the event of a power outage and 24/7 monitoring of your system to ensure it is constantly working.

While it is easy to jump at the first business VoIP phone company that offers the lowest prices, it isn’t always the best idea. Take your time to research each company you are considering to find one that offers the appropriate experience, knowledge, support and dedication to your VoIP phone service.

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