Keeping a New Commercial AC Installation in Beavercreek, OH Running

Air conditioning is a blessing during the sultry summer heat. Do you want your company’s air conditioner to continue to work well once the manufacturer’s warranty expires?

Would you rather see an air conditioning technician for routine maintenance or pay for a new commercial AC installation in Beavercreek OH? To stay cool, just follow these tips for maintaining commercial air conditioning.

Taking care of business air conditioning from day one

There are simple rules to follow to extend the life of an air conditioner, improving the energy efficiency of your business and, saving on repairs. These rules are as follows.

  • Start with a commercial AC installation in Beavercreek OH. Protect the air conditioner from the sun and trees. As a result, the unit will last longer and improve comfort.
  • Place the unit on a clean, stable concrete slab with good drainage. Make sure the entire outdoor unit is level. A dry and level air conditioner will be less prone to rust or other weather-related damage.

Have you moved into a new business location with an air conditioner already in place? If so, check the unit with a level. If it is slightly inclined, use wooden blocks to balance it perfectly until a professional can fix the issue. Repair or replace the concrete slab if it deteriorates or rests in the water when it rains.

How can business owners maintain their AC unit all year?

The first thing to remember is to keep the unit running efficiently so air can circulate properly. Change the interior filters at regular intervals and make sure that the vents remain clean without any obstruction. By keeping vents clean, the air conditioner will not have as much work to do, which means the air will be cooler.

It may be prudent to hire a professional to clean the unit and the vents monthly. This is not meant to be a major job. In fact, you are just cleaning the outside of the unit and vents. Hiring a professional twice a year to do a more intense cleaning is advised.
Do not leave your company’s AC to chance. Hire the specialists at Peck Service to ensure proper unit installation and cleaning.

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