Looking for a Divorce lawyer in Charleston SC

One of the first things that you must consider when you are going in for divorce is to consult an experienced divorce lawyer in Charleston SC. Once you have managed to set up a meeting with him, there are certain standard questions that you should be asking. These are questions that will help you understand the competency of the attorney and at the same time, also understand the process of divorce. The important questions are listed below.

Does he have any experience in family law?

Divorce law falls under family law and it is necessary for divorce lawyer in Charleston SC, to specialize in this field before they can take up these type of cases. While there are many other fields that lawyers practice, it is advisable that you approach one who has some expertise and focus in family law than one who is simply a generalist.

Can he quickly take you through the process?

Your divorce lawyer in Charleston SC, is the one who should be able to educate you about the entire process of divorce and clarify any of the doubts that you may have including the filing of requests for major trial processes.

What are the total costs that are involved in the process?

There are many cost factors that arise during a trial and your attorney should be able to inform you of the same. Any hesitancy to answer the question is understandable considering the fact that it is a tough question to answer accurately. Nevertheless, your attorney should be able to provide you with the factors and their approximate costs.

How long will it last?

Your lawyer should be able to confidently give you an estimate of how long the trial will go on for. The process of divorce is generally a lengthy which may go off swiftly based on how quickly you settle the issue.

What are the chances of the judge ruling in your favor?

Predicting the judge’s decision is something that only an experienced lawyer will be able to do and it is expected that your lawyer should be able to tell you if the judge will or will not rule in your favor. Most of the rulings made by the judges in the courtroom are subjective and different judges will have different opinions and rulings which makes the prediction a tough one. But ensure that your ask your lawyer for his analysis of the case and a possible outcome.

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